GPSC email policy

  1. You'll receive about one email alert per month. We know you're busy, so we limit how often we send. Because of this, each message may contain news, action alerts, up-coming events, and more -- so please take time to look over the entire message. Very occasionally (once or twice a year), we may need to send a second message in a month to provide a very important, fast breaking alerts or poll grassroots activists such as yourself on critical green issues.
  2. You will only receive messages about Green-related topics -- information about the Green Party, and about actions or events we are supporting or participating in. We do not send out jokes, chain letters, personal rants, or other clutter.
  3. Each posting will be identified with "[GPSC] Green Party of Sonoma County News" in the subject line, so you can spot it easily or set up an email filter.
  4. Your email address will not be sold, given away, shared with any other group or organization, or made known to others on the Green Party list. All list postings are sent to each address individually to maintain your privacy.