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Green Party of Sonoma County response to Orlando shooting

The Green Party of Sonoma County joins with many others in mourning the violence against the LGBTQI community and the Latina/o community in the Orlando shooting.  We stand as well with those in the Muslim community who have been maligned and retaliated against in response to this egregious act, a response we firmly oppose. Neither is an escalation of violence against the peoples of other nations an answer: their families and friends mourn as grievously as we do; their horror, exacerbated by wide-scale loss of life, is something we too feel.  

We call on Sonoma County to join with us in embracing our LGBTQI friends and family members, as well those in the Latina/o and Muslim communities, in standing against hate, violence, and suppression of civil rights.  We encourage everyone to donate time, and financial and other resources to groups aiding those affected by this violence such as Positive Images, for LGBTQI youth.

Congratulations to the seven members of the County Council of the Green Party of Sonoma County elected in the June 7, 2016 Primary Election:

June Brashares
Susan Chunco

Carolyn Epple
Tarik Kanaana
Susan Lamont
Jan Meiswinkel
Jack Wagner

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